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I am lucky enough to have a wonderful group of friends and fellow writers whom I meet with for workshopping sessions on a regular basis (by regular I mean whenever we can find a date we can all do, which usually happens about once a month).

For me, workshopping is about sharing ideas, reading new works, gaining invaluable feedback and listening to diverse writing. But more than that workshopping is my saviour in moments of self-doubt, self-delusion and waning self- confidence. Writing brings me great joy but it also brings me frustrations, fears, isolation and at times rejections.  Workshopping on the other hand motivates me, inspires me and reminds me why I write – because I love it, because I need to get those ideas out on paper, because I want to share stories, thoughts and feelings.

This week’s workshopping held a special place in my heart. Recently, in our workshopping group we have included the children, aged 8 to 12 in the event, at their instigation. This has added extra joy for me in hearing them become enthusiastic and increasingly talented writers.

This week my eldest daughter, 4, said that she wanted to be at my workshopping session. Since it was at my home this time I said that would be fine, and all she’d need to do to be part of it was tell a story. I knew this was not setting too difficult a task as for several months she has decided that on top of ‘normal’ story time she would tell her own stories as well (with a little embellishment from Mum or Dad). So, with great excitement on both parts, Krystalin dictated her story to me and I wrote it down for her. She then sat proudly beside me as I read it out to the group and was clearly thrilled to have been included. What a special joy it is to be able to share your life’s passion with your child.

This is her story:

Tinker Fairy flitters into Krystalin’s bedroom and sleeps in her bed with her all night long. Tinker Fairy goes into the fairy house she made for her, and sleeps in the bed Krystalin made for her. All of the snails and butterflies and rainbow fairies run around in Krystalin’s house, and all of the ladybirds too. All of the butterflies in the whole wide world flitter around in Krystalin’s house and she catches them all while they are sleeping. All of the spiders and all the different kinds of spiders come in. Dad catches the ones you’re not allowed to touch and Krystalin catches all of the Daddy Long Legs spiders.

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