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Japan Disaster

As I watched the terrifying footage of the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis hitting Japan I immediately placed myself there. What would I do in such a situation? What if the lives of my family members were affected and there was nothing I could do to prevent it? Doing this created a deep sense of helplessness. There is no stopping such a massive force of nature, no matter what preparations are made. I listened to journalists speak of witnessing the event take place, and what mattered most to those people came out first – the safety of their families. In the coming days the worsening situation and increasing death toll has hit the news hard and fast. My feeling of helplessness continues and I can only turn that around by putting out my best thoughts and wishes for all of those affected, both in the long and short term. Also, I can make my own small contribution, as so many of us are doing. Here is a link to the Authors for Japan auction for anyone wishing to pass on their own assistance (and gain something in the doing as well). Happy bidding!

Authors for Japan Auction

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