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Author Tag – A Little About Writing

I’ve been tagged by the very wonderful and talented Alison Reynolds. As she mentioned in tagging me, we first met in Queensland but soon found our connection to places and people, and events in Melbourne, was strangely uncanny. I love Alison’s work but even more so my kids adore her books (and rightly so since she writes for their age group). The Ranger in Danger series is a popular one with my eldest, who wants to be a ranger herself when she grows up. My youngest just adores Alison’s ‘A Year With Marmalade’ picture book. So much so my daughter ‘forced’ me to take a photo of her not just reading the book, but reading every single page of it.


Q1: What am I working on?

I am in the middle of writing a six book series of futuristic space adventure books. They’re to be published with New Frontier later this year and are chapter books aimed at 8 and ups. Boys especially will love them I bet, though my 8 year old daughter loves them too and wanted to me to write the next one last night (ahh, if only it were that easy).

Q2: How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I pretty much combine the ever popular space theme with a bit of mystery. I was a mad reader of mystery stories as a child so that element has definitely crept in with these books. Plus, there’s always a little smelly stuff to be had.

Q3: Why do I write what I write?

Because it’s fun. Seriously. I have an absolute blast getting my kid characters blasting off on their own adventures. I’m really enjoying something that is set in a fantastical place in a fantastical time because anything can exist there and anything is possible.

Q4: How does my writing process work?

Hmmm, I wouldn’t really call it a process because I don’t really plan anything. I have no real book outline, or writing schedule and my desk is always a mess with ideas and scraps of paper everywhere. To me, writing happens when some strange part of my brain tells me what and when to write (not always convenient when you have children to pick up from school). That said, I did have to plan this series out and I do have deadlines to meet – eek!

My latest book, also in the sci-fi genre:

The Day the Energies Saved the World

Now it’s time for me to play chasey! I tag:

Ashleigh Randall 

Ashleigh is a passionate writer who I first met because she couldn’t attend my workshop on pitching to publishers. To explain, she got in touch with me after she missed it and we caught up for coffee instead. Ashleigh is a blogger and she is writing her first full-length book. I can’t wait to read it when it’s finished.

Marina Cook

Marina is my dear and ‘oldest’ friend. We have known each other since primary school and believe me that was a long time ago, it’s sadly true. She is also a fellow writer and was part of my writer’s group. She is now the editor for the Foothills newspaper and is a very talented writer in her own right.

2 thoughts on “Author Tag – A Little About Writing”

  1. Your space series sounds fabulous, Candice. Everybody loves an exciting space story. It is always fascinating reading about other writers’ processes. Always feel as if I might pick up a hint for myself!
    HOpe the new series flies out of the shops!

    1. Thanks Alison. Your life may become a little chaotic if you take a hint from me, haha. I love reading about how other authors write too – either I find I’m not alone, or I realise how everyone approaches things so differently.

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