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PPA Awards

Today I received an unexpected and wonderful email. The editor from the Child magazines informed me that one of the magazine’s series, the D3, received the silver award in the Special Series category at the PPA Awards, held in the US. The PPA is a non-profit organisation that represents over 120 magazines and newspapers across Australia, Canada and the US.

The exciting part of this news is that I was told of this news because one of my articles “The Realities of Reflux” was part of that series.

These were the comments accompanying the award:

The depth and breadth of the “Diversity, Difference and Diagnosis” series qualify it as remarkable. The writers bring such impressive perspectives to the difficulties of how various diseases and psychological conditions affect families that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

The comments were what made me particularly thrilled to hear such news. Writing on my children’s reflux was no easy task. It brought to the fore the awful memories of heart-wrenching moments spent trying to soothe my babies’ cries, often to no avail. But at the time I thought it important to write on this topic because it is so little understood, or even known about. I felt that if even one parent could learn about the illness and receive the knowledge of the difficulties it entails for the whole family, then it could just be enough to assist in some small way. Even if it was just to understand that families are not alone, and that they will get through a difficult time. So, I feel very thankful that this series has been received in this light, and that my article was a part of that viewpoint.

It reminds me too, that writing for me is more about seeing words in print. Mostly, it’s about expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences. It’s that innate desire to put passion to paper. While it can often times be a cathartic experience for myself, it often also becomes a need to share with others. This was one of those times.

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Part one of my interview with Sue Cox: Now on line with Sunny Days Magazine

Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting Sue Cox, breastfeeding educator, author and online facilitator with BreastEd, about the release of her new book “Baby Magic: Planning For a Lifetime of Love.” The interview came about after I put into practise her techniques for successful breastfeeding in the first 24 hours, when my second baby was born. It was from watching Sue’s DVD, handed to me by a midwife, that I was able to breastfeed where it had failed with my first baby’s birth. Thus, I have become a huge advocate for her work and was thrilled when she agreed to an interview. Talking to Sue proved both an enlightening and uplifting experience as she spoke about the importance of skin-to-skin contact and preparing for birth and breastfeeding from a place of love and gentleness. Put that together with a huge amount of knowledge, both through research and her extensive experience, and I felt truly thrilled to have been lucky enough to speak with her, and share that with you now at Sunny Days Magazine.