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10% discount on all bookings made before June 30, 2015 when this site is mentioned.

Candice offers manuscript development (structural editing) and editing/proofing (line editing). She can also help with any other writing needs through her services in ghostwriting, writing consultations and typing.

For further information and bookings please email Candice at: quick.assess@gmail.com

Manuscript Development (Structural Edit):

Areas that will be considered include:

  • Point of view (incorporating choice of first, second or third person)
  • Tense (past, present or a combination)
  • Use of dialogue
  • Character development & believability
  • Effectiveness of the narrator’s voice
  • Use of correct punctuation, grammar and formatting according to industry standard
  • Clarity of meaning and identification of key or underlying themes
  • Pace and overall structure
  • Writing style and its appropriateness for the intended audience/genre.
This is a structural edit. It differs from the editing or proofing service (see below), meaning specifics such as grammar and spelling will not be covered, though general feedback on these areas may be made.


up to 4,000 words: $80

up to 10,000 words: $120

up to 30,000 words: $250

up to 50,000 words: $350

up to 80,000 words: $400

above 80,000 words: $400 + $20 per additional 10,000 words

Editing and Proofing Service (Line Editing):

Candice also offers an editing and proofing service. The following will be looked at line by line:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • consistency
  • logicality
  • readability
  • mechanics of language
  • repetition and word usage


up to 5,000 words: $80

up to 10,000 words: $120

up to 30,000 words: $280

up to 50,000 words: $440

up to 80,000 words: $680

above 80,000 words: $680 + $60 per additional 10,000 words

Public Engagements:

Please Note: Candice regularly holds author sessions, including: workshops; author talks; book signings and speaking engagements. Please contact Speakers’ Ink for any queries related to public appearances.


I just spent the last few hours reading through everything. I can’t thank you enough. 
You have an amazing way of challenging me when the story really needs it, and then,
you put in little comments like (I really like that sentence) which gives me a burst of positive 
energy. It feels like I’m only just finding my writing voice after completing so many manuscripts over
the past six years and tossing them aside thinking, I’m just not a writer.
 This has been the first time working with a professional writer and I have to say you are a blessing. You have taught me so much in the past few months. I’m really grateful. I can’t thank you enough for being my editor, teacher, and all round support for this project. You’ve shown me how to bring out the best in my characters and myself as a writer.
Vacen Taylor, Author at Odyssey Books.
Vacen’s manuscript has since been accepted by Odyssey Books and is due for publication in 2013.
Thank you – this feedback is exactly what I was after. The report is extremely thorough and gives me lots of opportunity to polish my manuscript beyond what I’ve been able to achieve myself.
Belinda Williams, Writer.
Belinda’s manuscript has since placed her as a Romance Writers of Australia Inc Emerald ST finalist, a competition run by the organisation for unpublished authors.

Thought you’d be interested to hear my 2500 word story “How to write a Book (in 10 weeks)” won a Commendation Award in the Hadow Stuart Short Story Competition run by the Australian Fellowship of Writers.
This is the story you assessed/advised for me, so pats on the back all round.
“How to ….” was commended for its strong characterisation, sense of place and observational power. Your advice, on which I obviously acted, proved spot on!
Please accept my sincere thanks, particularly for your encouragement.
I have continued writing and, when we return from a short holiday, will be in contact again.

Thanks again and best wishes
John Pitman, Author


Thanks Candice.  I’ve gone through your assessment report and find it to be very useful indeed. Your logical, methodical, honest and open feedback was worth every cent paid.

Thanks so much and good luck in your writing and business.

Nicholas Richards, Author


Thank you to Candice for sharing her new book (Hubert and the Magic Glasses) with the children and providing the art activity to go alongside the story – the children thoroughly enjoyed the book and creating their own magic glasses.

Cindy, Team Leader, Smarter Kids Kindergartens & Preschools


Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful presentation yesterday at the Elanora Library about  publishing. Your presentation was such a gift, like a huge fog lifting away that has cleared my mind about how I will go about getting my work published.

Eileen Dielesen, B. Couns (UNDWA) MACA


Thanks for the really practical and excellent workshop you held recently at the Elanora Library re ” the next step “. The exercise we scrawled out re what to present in your pitch to an editor was brilliant and fun.

Miriam Kubasiewicz, Writer

4 thoughts on “Writers’ Service”

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your query. Yes, I do offer a full manuscript assessment service as well. I have PMed you with more details.



  1. Hi Candice,
    Thank you so much for your professional and quick assessment of my picture book manuscript, Mishy Mashy Mush. The suggestions you’ve made have really brought to light how I can improve the rhythm, word usage and grammar of my text.

    I would highly recommend your editing and assessing services to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their work and their chances of getting pubilshed.

    Kind regards,

    Renee Taprell

    1. You’re most welcome Renee, and I appreciate your feedback. I’m glad you found it so helpful and I wish you the best of luck with submitting your manuscript to a publisher.

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