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Mr Abbott, Won’t You Please Leave Our Children an Underwater Kingdom?

Sometimes life is made of the stuff of fairytales. My youngest daughter is five. She lives for fairytales. She loves princesses and fairies, unicorns and all creatures, great and small. Her favourite stories are those about mermaids and underwater kingdoms. As we sit up in her bed together each evening, a storybook in hand, we are taken to magical worlds under the sea. Here the clear waters, covering the spectrum of blues and greens, team with the vibrancy of colourful fish, sleek sharks, bright corals. We delight in the images of seahorses, turtles, octopi, starfish, stingrays, crabs and other sea species. And yes, there is usually a mermaid, and a castle or two.

I remember such a place. Not one of dreams or fairytales but of real life. You may have heard of it. In fact, it’s such a magnificent, indescribably beautiful place, that it’s been classified as a Natural Wonder of the World. It’s called the Great Barrier Reef. An underwater wonderland, there is no other place that teems with such brilliance of colour, life, diversity and beauty.
But as in all fairytales there is an evil threat looming. One that threatens to destroy all that is good and natural, rare and uniquely special. It is hard to fathom that a natural wonder of our world is under very real threat from the senseless dumping of dredge materials.
In fairytales that which should be preserved is always saved. The people of the magical worlds bring down the evil threat and stop it once and for all. My hope is that Australians, and the world, unite against this and that we can have our happily ever after. I am only one small voice in a vast sea but join those small voices together and we can roar like the ocean.

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